Brand Mythreyi


The name Mythreyi stands for “fellowship.” In other words, it means a partnership, an association, a friendship, a camaraderie. Mythreyi started out as a platform to enable our customers to experience a life of harmony & peace in the homes they bought from us for life. Over the years we have continued to focus our efforts on forging long and lasting relationships with each and every one of our customers, which in turn, is inspired by our desire to excel in every facet of the business vertical we are in. Our focus since we began our operations has been in the field of property development.

The two towers represent the nature of business we are in. Our aspiration – To emerge as one of the top Developers in the Industry is represented by the Line pointing skywards. This also means our ambitions are sky high.

The Towers are located on a green foliage and stand for the fact that we dealing with one of the most precious commodities available to mankind – Mother Earth.

The Orange with the Silhouette around it represents the rising sun and epitomizes the fact that we are in a sunshine industry where the sun never sets. The Yellow background represents the fact that we are a company whose underlying values are joy and happiness.

What the colours in logo mean!




Delivering more than we promise… more joy, more life, more quality, more energy.

At Mythreyi, we identify with the sentiment that for many home is not just a place to dwell.  Home is a feeling of safety, home is an emotion you associate with yourself, home is a testament of your hard work, home is a bliss of being around people you love, etc.  We, at Mythreyi, embrace this responsibility of providing you more than just home.

Our promise of delivering projects on schedule and the surprisingly value for cost ratio has embossed a feeling of joy across Mythreyi customers.  Our philosophy of providing home for life is rationalized by our quality policy, which adheres to superior quality construction.  Concern for nature and tradition is a viewpoint Mythreyi endorses, which has translated into homes, which breathes energy and harmony.

Mythreyi, which translates as fellowship is aimed at building long lasting relationships with our valued customers and with our philosophy of ‘V CARE



Quality Policy

kh-1Impeccable reputation for quality constructions

23-1Mythreyi engages only the best of architects, contractors and skilled laborers

png-11Construction materials, interiors, products are chosen with utmost care, no compromise policy with regards to quality

41-1Aesthetic appeal with Vaastu compliance